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MVP Program

MVP Estate Coffee

Moksha Vision Program (MVP) identifies unique small plantations that are in need of financial support to keep up the production of high quality coffees. We identify such plantations and offer them a premium over fair trade guidance pricing to secure their annual production. This helps the farm secure funds to sustain and invest till the next harvest. We are currently working with a farm in Columbia and we are working to adding more from Tanzania, Uganda and India.


Buena Vista Estate

Buena Vista Estate is owned by Doña Rosalba, who started as a picker and now runs her own 54 acre  plot. It is a fully shade grown plantation with immense bio-diversity preserving rain forests and bird species. This coffee was sourced direct from the farm guaranteeing fair trade price to Doña Rosalba.

Doña Rosalba has three permanent workers because they are too old to work the land by themselves, but she still handles the coffee washing and patio drying. This family has worked hard to overcome all the obstacles, the violence and the financial difficulties and with humbleness and generosity to the local population.

Cup Notes: The cup has low acidity, a nutty sweetness with chocolate tones.


Farm Facts

Farm: Buenavista

Farmer: Rosalba Fajardo, Aristides Rangel

Country: Colombia

Total area: 85 hectares

Coffee growing area: 22 Hectares

Altitude: 1.435 meters above sea level

Annual Lot Size: 28 Bags (77lbs. /eacb)

Variety: 80% Caturra, 20% Tipica